Sleep Dealer

Since the beginning of the semester, we’ve seen and read about incredible, futuristic, and oftentimes scary technologies. Each movie we’ve seen and book we’ve read portrayed technology in unique ways, and as such each made very different (and powerful) points. “Sleep Dealer” presented fascinating technological developments- the nodes and all that could be accomplished with them were certainly powerful tools. However, what made “Sleep Dealer” so unique to me was the portrayal of the technology within the realm of neo-colonialism/colonialism and capitalism. Especially in our era, where the issue of immigration (particularly from Mexico) is so hot, this film helps shed a new light on what could very well be our future.

So far we’ve discussed technology in the realms we’d most expect to see it: networking, privacy, robotics, etc. The technologies we saw in “The Social Network,” Neuromancer, and 1984¬†were not wholly unexpected or shocking manifestations of technology; in “Sleep Dealer” I really felt like my eyes were opened to a whole new world of possibilities (both good and bad) that I had never before truly considered. Technological development encourages globalization, but I hadn’t really thought about the implications that could have for neo-colonialism.

In thinking back on “Sleep Dealer,” I can’t help but wonder if that is what our future as a first-world nation will be: developing and then imposing powerful technologies on weaker nations in pursuit of more wealth and power. Rivera really did a wonderful job portraying the implications of these technologies on both developed and developing countries.

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